Saturday, February 1, 2014

When good yards go bad!

Remember that nice manicured back yard?   This is what we actually got....
(To be fair, the woman's husband had died, and she no longer had time to care for the yard)

Never underestimate what can happen when you let me loose with a rake and a chain saw.....

Cleaning up the yard was our biggest challenge, but our easiest one, quite honestly.  The first month we were here we tore the garden beds out completely, and put down dirt & new grass seed.  It was so therapeutic getting rid of all of the old vegetation and overgrowth. 

The dogs tried to help but were just pains in the butt :)  You can't see him in this photo but Otis was running around eating all the random planty goodness he could find. 

There he is; probably trying to chew on something he shouldn't.

Slowly getting better.....

TA DA!!! Much improved, but still not done.

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