Thursday, July 31, 2014

So much has changed since my last photo update; thanks Celeste for reminding me I need to update this blog!

We ("we" meaning "80% Joel")  have:
  • Put new flooring througout the bedrooms, bathroom and hall of the basement
  • Painted the master bedroom (from brown/cream to gray/teal) and guest room #2 (from red/beige to dark navy)
  • Renovated our half bath on the main floor (from pea green to gray/blue & tile)
  • Painted the front (living) room (from green to dark purple-brown)
  • Painted the main bathroom - It's now deep green, instead of mauve with safari wallpaper. This was actually done before the tile but I forgot to include it! 
Yard wise we've:
  • Put up a dog run - This is seriously one of the best investments ever! We now have a super nice grassy yard.
  • Put in a sidewalk from the house to the back fence
  • Tore out our rock garden area
  • Tore out the pine tree & flower bed in the front yard, and planted new grass. 
I'll post pictures as I take them/find them :)  Stay tuned!  It's a huge improvement!