Saturday, February 1, 2014

We find our house!

I wanted to show off our house progress, and this is the easiest method :)


We moved into our house in August 2012.  We had seen it online, but I discounted it because of all the bedrooms being in the basement.   We were dealing on another house and it wasn't going anywhere  (after 9 months of legal work), so at the end of July we re-examined what was available.

I looked at our house again on the realtor site, viewed the photos, saw the kitchen (I find this hilarious because I rarely cook!), and we decided to come look.  We walked in, and Joel just knew.  I walked around, and saw all the extras this house had, and we made our offer.  The rest is history!

Our house is approximately 1200 square feet on the main floor.  Main floor consists of a living room/front room, family room, kitchen, tiny half bath, and a den/office.  It's very open concept.

The basement consists of 3 bedrooms (including our ridiculous master), main bathroom, ensuite, laundry room, three linen closets, 2 storage areas (under the stairs and the old freezer room).  We have a direct entry to the garage from the basement hallway, and direct entry to the backyard from the laundry room. 

Now, here's what the realtor site showed us:

Front of the house

Foyer (front room to the right, half bath to & family room to the left at the top of the stairs).
I was pleasantly surprised that those mirrored closet doors lasted over a year before I broke them with the dog gate.
Back patio area. 
The windows are in the family room, and right below them, but obscurbed by the tree, is our basement entry. 
The building to the right is Joel's shop.

The safari-grandma bathroom.
I hate wallpaper so, so much, and this just cemented it.
Extra bedroom at the front of the house (there are none of the 2nd bedroom, unfortunately).

Master bedroom.
I am convinced that border (which was cut out in some spots, which were then painted!) is the work of satan.
The den (off the family room), which is now my office.
Family room
Front room/living room
Kitchen, looking into foyer & family room (front room off to right)
Looking into the kitchen

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